Haiiiiii, blog!!! Ape khabar blog?? Saye rindu bangat sama kamu... ihik. Lama betul tak jenguk kamu... Kamu kelihatan makin pink sekarang. Bagus2... I loike!!!

*Gosh, Atie... (rolling eyes)*

Wassup with me?? Hmmm.. nothing....... as this dot dot dot continues.. I am thinking of excuses so that I could put the blame on it for making Atie not updating her blog. Let's see... where did we stop?? Yeah.. "penantian Syawal" that seemed tooooo long. Hehe... so many people been complaining to me lately; "Weh, ko ni.. tak abes abes penantian Syawal. Asal bukak je penantian Syawal. Syawal dah nak abes da pun.." Yelah2 saye tukar ler.

Let's first put the blame on Umsa final event and AGM, next was assignmentsss, financial crisis (which I myself cant see its relation with my outdated blog), games addiction and yess.. the best of all: LAZINESS STRUCK! =_="

Btw, I, hereby declare that I am no longer in Umsa committee what else to be an Umsa member. Relieved to let go of the burden yet, sad for not being around with such awesome people. Saya dah retire dah.. Outdated betul blog ni! LOL!

Okey... hmm lagi ape ek? Hah! Kami dah dapat kotak untuk ship our stuff back home. So, basically, barang-barang yang aku nak ship balik dah 80% packed. I bought 3 boxes but so far only 2 boxes je yang penuh. Another one tak buka pun lagi. Gonna stuff my shoes and handbags inside. Nothing fragile. So, I dont have to worry even if the box is not full.

Tinggal sebulan, satu minggu je lagi masa yang tinggal untuk aku abeskan kat City of Sails ni.

Ooooo.. we went sailing last time. It was a cohort trip with Sheryll and her daughter. It was super duper awesome aku cakap. Sooo noice. I loike! Haha. The weather memang terbaik! Picnic atas kapal layar... mestilah lebih terbaik. Plus, free puler because government ada allocate money for our cultural trip. So, since Auckland is a City of Sails, kenalah rasa sailing kat Auckland sebelum balik. It's very pricey.. If it wasnt for the allocated money, I dont think I will ever sail myself (unless of course kalau aku tiba2 terasa kaya).

Okeh, tak yah scroll2 agi. abes dah entry ni.