The M-word. Guess what that is. M_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Everyone seems to have found their life companion except me (and several others-of course not everyone, as in everyone..duh~)
One by one of my friends either got engaged or got married within these past few months. Not to mention those who already have babies and those who are soon to be parents.
As for me, I guess I now find the reasons why God still hasn't give me my other half...

  • Seriously, I myself agree that I'm far from ready. 
  • Hey, dude! I'm like 22 this year, man! Still young to think of family matters, husband, kids, housework, etc.
  • Marriage requires serious and full commitment which I am so very afraid of. Like seriously, yo!
  • I am still unemployed. Undies pun mak bapak gue tanggung. Plus, the list of my wish list seems to be a never ending one. If I were to get married soon, I am gonna have to save my future salary for my wedding. Unless, of course i got super duper lucky by marrying a super rich man that could grant all my wishes in the wish list.
  • All the guys I met, not one has met at least one of my top, utmost criteria of my future husband.
  • And few other reasons...
Despite of my aforementioned realisation of my current faith, I still complain about the inexistent of my Mr. Right Guy. Maybe, it's true what Erikson stated in his theory of Psychosocial Development that the age range between 18-35 is the stage when a person faces the stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation. And as an individual who falls under this age category, I'm bound to behave as such. And one thing that annoys me to the ultimate at this stage is when people keep on asking that very same question... You know, the one about marriage and companionship. Even more irritating when some people just could not stop matchmaking me randomly. Some people were serious about the matchmake, but others were just popping out the idea out of randomness which portrayed the lack of sensitivity in their part. Not that I am being ungrateful. Just maybe,they should be more serious about it coz this aint some game. 

P/s- Congrats to my dear friends, comrades, acquaintances, etc who just got married recently (I dont dare to mention names here in case I miss any which there is a high possibility that I will- too many of you lah)