Jun Bin let me rest for few days..which was good! Haha! Though I like attending all these practices, I really appreciate the break given. Honestly, I didn't really felt tired during the practices, but wait till the next day... sakit here and there! Tulah, sape suruh tak rajin exercise?!

So after almost a week of no practice, I had another Eco Living dance practice today and few rounds of my Battle song. Just to polish the last part of the song, which I am supposed to sort of scream to the top of my lung. The key was quite high. But, I used to sing higher than that, so I know that there is no reason for me to not be able to sing it properly. Shame on me then! Lol! Okay, overall, I was quite satisfied with today's practice. It's just, I was quite worried on the Eco Living song coz for me that is the hardest song. I found it quite hard to keep on changing my key, and practicing at home while listening to the recorded version of the song wasn't really much of a help honestly. Coz, listening to Bin's voice was quite different than listening to the piano. Duh~ like obviously... it's a guy's voice maa..

And also, Richard, as always... very funny. One funny guy that one. Kept on plying with his handphone. I know Jun Bin was a bit pissed off with that attitude. Not to mention the outbreak news about the clash of BFM time with the 3 amois' exam. I am sure it would break Jun Bin's heart if any of them pull out. It's tough enough to find people who can committed to this, what else to find a replacement half way through..

I waited there to watch the Kung Fu practice since I was going back with them all. Not a big deal. It was fun watching them. Lots of awesome moves and hilarious actions. They all were very good. Very impressive! Like to watch Tuan's moves. Realy otai one! Here I managed to snapped some pictures of them practicing their moves. Lots of poking, whacking and stick-spinning movements!

I only realised how tired I am when I reached home. Home sweet home! And also the grumbling of my stomach asking to be filled. Tried to call him again... buat kesekian kalinya... marah betul! Suruh call, bila call, tak jawab pula! Huh! Nasib baik sayang...