Me and a bunch of BFM friends namely Jun Bin (d tyco), Jun Yan, Vim, Allan, (which Bin called "Vimallan" hahahaha) and Tuan went to watch transformers in IMAX Queens st this afternoon. We watched the 3pm one and finished around 5 sth. It was already dark by that time. Luckily and unluckily I am having period now. So, I dont have to worry about catching my prayer time and the down fall of it was that it was really2 damn heavily flowing... really uncomfortable to walk in that situation! Hate it. But the movie was awesome..the graphics, sound effect, especially the fighting and shooting parts. Optimus Prime was super strong ang macho this time around. Lol! Luckily it was a robot if not, I would definitely had a crush on him! hahaha!

Jun Bin said he would pick me up at 7.15pm, so I wont have time to cook my dinner. I decided to tapao kebab on the way home. While walking, (oh, forgot to mention, Vim, Allan and Tuan are walking in the same direction as me) Tuan kept on complaining to me about his loose pants. He said he might have lost some weight. So I quoted a line from the transformers, but altered it a bit to suit the conversation..duh~; "I'll give you some of my parts.." Then, Tuan gave me almost the same answer Optimus Prime gave but it turned out this way: "I'll have the WEIGHT I never knew/imagined before!" Tuan jahat!!!! But yeah, it was so funny... he always likes to tease people especially girls that he knows. Very naughty2 Tuan. Hahahaha!

Didnt even got the time to lie down for a while... received a text from Jun Bin saying he was on his way to pick me up. I rushed to give some touch up here and there before going out. Tonight practice was divided into 2 teams-Kung Fu and Eco Living's dance. With my heavy flow condition, I felt really2 tired and uncomfortable to move that much. But, have to. So we learned most of the moves and kept on repeating over and over again. And we wrapped up tonight practice with Cha Cha just to refresh back our memory. Oh, and Arthur who was my Cha Cha partner might pull out from BFM for some reasons. But Jun Bin is still trying to persuade him.

I reached home about half past 10pm and forcing myself to update my blog. Am thinking of calling Enul tonight. Rindu sudey!!!!