Yesterday's singing practice was held in Fiona's house. She n her family was in China now and they leave the house to Bin so that he could check their house once a while... A very good future son-in-law heh?.... hehe sory Bin! OMG! Rumah Fiona memang damn big! But it was night and the house was surrounded by big trees so I cant really see the house from outside. But the inside.. wallaweh.. giler besar.. I somehow felt grateful to make friends with these people.. expanding the circle of friends they call it? hmm watever. I got to meet new people and involved in BFM thingy.. that's a one in a lifetime opportunity. And also, I have always wanted to be in the local houses and Fiona's was 1 awesome sample! Just like houses dalam drama tv. lots of rooms, the walls are all covered with wallpapers, really elegant looking. In one of those rooms was the music room. There's a piano, a keyboard, a drums set, guitars n amps! Gosh... rindu giler men drum. Felt really awkward bila pegang d drum sticks. Me and Bin jam a while before Boon came. Then the 3 of us start jamming random chords lol! Til Fiona n meng meng arrived. Then, there goes our almost-2hours singing practice. I think I did better this time than the 1st practice.

This afternoon, the Deco team had our first meeting (tho only 4 of us turned up). So hard to find a spot to discuss since it is still uni break and most places were closed. After discussing about 2hours, we finally came to our conclusion and got our budget and quotes listed down! That's great! Now, we are looking forward to viewing the Ball venue, and presenting our proposal on the decos... Till then, we are done for now. As I m writing this, I just got back from discussion+price-survey+dinner in Ayuthaya. Pretty tired... Tomorrow, I have another practice session in the afternoon with more people this time... looking forward to tomorrow practice.