Semalam berbual panjang dengan dia.
Tiba-tiba, it was like out of nowhere...
keluar bab meminang and hantaran.
Aku terus tergamam and speechless. Like seriously speechless coz I never thought that topic would come out this soon. And its from him....gosh!

He said something about waiting for me to come back to Msia soon so that he could masuk meminang.

Then, I was totally dumbstruck! I seriously didnt know how to react to that expression. I was silent for a while then I laughed... and it was continued with an awkward silent.

Then we talked about travelling and how I wanted to go to OZ this year but because of my financial status, I decided to plan a trip from Msia some other time. He agreed and told me I could go with my family instead. I added yeah, and with you..maybe??? Then, his response again, surprised me to a near-death experience. Lol! He said that it would be a long way to go before he could afford to go there with me. Because for now he needs to save money untuk masuk meminang... hantaran lagi... banyak nak guna duit tu..

Adoi! I have to admit I was very shocked but really glad and happy to know that he is serious about this relationship...but..... . . . . nah~ I dont know. I am just really glad to have him now. Suddenly I felt like Chandler in Friends. Why? I would like to keep that to myself... maybe those who watched Friends till the end will understand why.


Adlina said...

Ooooo, aku mau kad jemputan!!! Hehe.. Btw, nah screenshot page ko:

Dah check dengan Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock, Opera dan Safari browsers ~__~

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

haha..kenapakh begitu??? pelik ni. kat page aku nmpk siuman je... alooo... adakah aku sorg je yg dpt view penuh. dah lah aku suke template ni..

nak kad jemputan eh intan... hehehe lmbat lg meh... pandai je ko ni

iManAzRaf said...

atie.. remember me..??
ehem2.. ade owang nk msuk mmng ek... siapakah jejaka plhn tuh..? hehe..

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...


Mestilah ingat.. wuaa T_T very terharu..
Ko katne skrg? btw, mana jumpe my blog ni? waaa nnt aku blk mesti mau jumpa ini mak cik! hehehe ... lama giler kan tak jmpa.

oh ye.. masuk minang? eleh die main2 je tuu.. too early for that la.