Last night, while I was editing my blog templates, KS texted me saying he was in Hulu Cat wit Allan n d gang. So I askd em to make a space for me. Lol..Hulu Cat is just opposite my house! Meet em there, drink milk tea n hve a very long chat wit em guys n lots n lots of giggles n laughters.. wit those jokers around..who wont laugh that much??? They suddenly came out wit an idea of visiting Ipin in TRC. They ajak me as well. But of course i felt a bit uneasy coz id be d only girl! Duh~bukan tak biasa.. just xsedap la kan.. it was soo late dy. But they said just for a while not gonna lepak there long. And Allan dy texted Ipin n he said no problem just come over. So I ended up followin em to Ipin's house. Got there.. and I straight away grabbed those drum sticks n we all memekak2 played guitar hero.. gosh! That was my first time playin gtr hero... No doubt it was so damn addictive! Got home around half past 2am and was so exhausted..

I was planning to wake up early this morning and meet Sheryl in the Fisher Bldg to collect her Famine's pledge money. But I was too tired to wake up early and so I met Sheryl around 2pm instead. We had some chat while walking. She insisted to walk me to the gen library. So, yeah.. our conversations ended there with me heading to the library and her back to the Fisher. I finally returned the overdue books and printed out my songs lyrics for tonight's BFM practice. I had my first singing practice last Wednesday which I would say I d done pretty badly then. I kept on singin the wrong key, probs with my pitch, breathing probs-damn just realised how unfit i ve become now! I seriously need a good and serious vocal training.... or else I will embarrass myself on the stage.

I jumped on the free bus to Queen St and went from one Money Exchange counter to another just to change my IDR to NZD. I had IDR 1,275k with me since early this year coz I visited Jakarta before coming back to NZ. In return, I got almost 200bucks for it. With that money, I paid my ANZ credit card's debt, and closed all my accounts with ANZ since I wont be using them anymore this year. It was just a burden to me. The only reason why I opened an account with ANZ in d first place was because I wanted to keep my salaries in there last year. So since I am no more working this year, and ANZ doesnt have any branch in the uni-which is soo much troublesome for me to go down Queen st only to go to ANZ, I would rather close those accounts. Gosh! It was a great relief to have paid my debt... Now, I dont have to worry about it anymore. And since I was so happy and I havent ate anything at all since I woke up, I treated myself with yummy food from Tequila.

Went home, and now here I am staring at my laptop, while practicing my singing very BADLY and waiting for 7.15pm to come. Jun Bin will come pick me up to Fiona's place for tonight's practice session.. Really hope I ll do better this time.


Adlina said...

Wah, wah GO ATIE~ Selamat nyanyi ye :D

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

hahaha ye slmt... makin hari aku rasa suaraku makin