I fell sick few days ago. It started with the losing of my precious voice. I woke 2 days ago, and I realised I had sore throat, and I lost my voice. Yesterday morning, I woke up with a very high fever. My head was spinning, started coughing badly, and still, my voice hadnt recovered yet. Since it was the first lectures' day for this sem (I dont have any lecture on Monday, so my lectures all start on Tues), I was so eager to attend all the classes despite of my high fever, and terrible cough. Had to bear 2 hours of lecture with a very heavy head. That 2-hours lecture finished at 6pm, and I didnt go back straight away. I decided to stay in uni until Jun Bin came to fetch me to the practice at 7 something. Yeah, I still went to the dance practice with the fever and stuff. Very stubborn am I not? After few rounds of cha cha, I could feel my body temperature rising and my head started to spin. But, I decided to careless about it and continue with the practice.

I got home at around 10pm. I was thinking of staying up for few more hours but, since I could not take it any longer, I went to bed quite early last night. I found it really hard to sleep because my body was aching, I could not stop coughing, my head and lungs were aching too. I didnt realise what time i fell asleep. But then, around 4am, I had stomach problem. I was having diarrhoea at 4am! Kept going in and out of the toilet for few times before I could go back to sleep. I was really hoping that I would get better this morning because I have most of my classes today. But dissapointedly, my condition was getting worst with my temperature even higher than yesterday. Could not help it. Had to escape the first class this morning. But I have stall duty from 1-2pm. If I cannot be there, I had to find someone to replace or swap with me. It was a very short notice. Who wants to swap with me with such a short notice? So, with all the strenght I had this morning, with a very bad headache, I walked to uni. When I was finally there at uni, I received a text from Naomi saying that I dont need to be at the stall because they are closing the stall early today.

So, I went to uni's health centre instead. I was thinking of making an appointment (we have to make an appointment first before seeing the doctor, or else we might have to wait forever there), but as soon as I got there, the receptionist who saw my condition, without asking whether I have flu or cold symptoms, straight away gave me a mask and asked me to wait at one corner of the room. That area was fulled of people wearing masks just like me. In front of that corner, there was a signboard saying: "People with flu or cold symptoms, please wait here."

Though I wasnt the first to arrive there, I was the first to be called in by the doctor. However, this time I was asked to go into a different room than any other rooms I have been to in the health centre. There was a special room by the side of the waiting corner. When I looked inside, I saw a chair covered with papers. Before I was asked to go inside, the nurse wore her own mask, gloves, and a plastic coat to cover her clothes. Then I was asked to sit on the covered chair. Later, I was asked to wear the gloves that they provided. After all those procedures, the nurse took my body temperature which she was quite shocked to see that it was very high. She gave me 2 tablets of paracetamol and asked me to wait for another half an hour for the doctor to come and check me. She checked inside my throat and said my tonsils were very big because they were sweeling. Check my lungs and said that they were clear. Asked so many questions and finally she said that I had 50% chances of having swine flu. However, I dont have to worry because it shouldnt be that serious because I wasnt directly exposed to it. If that was the case, then it could kill me. But, my condition was ok. So, all I have to do now is to quarantine myself and be at least 1 metre from other people so that I wont spread the flu to them. I was also told not to take off the mask all the way back home.

I ended up feeling like being under the spotlight. With every eyes looking at me. I could not help feeling annoyed at them. They must be thinking that this girl must have swine flu and we should walk away from her! You should be thankful that I put my humanity first instead of my pride! I could just walk freely without the mask. As if they would know that I might have the flu. And I could easily spread the virus to you guys, then. Lol! So, yeah, my fellow friends... don't bother coming to visit me or be near me for these couple of days. Not until I started going back to lectures! You dont want to catch the flu from me, dont you?


amirah said...

Atie, jaga diri tau! Jangan paksa diri.

Intan semalam tetiba dh start batuk2. Mira pulak yg risau. >.>

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

Tq dear.

Suh intan minum byk air, rajin cuci tgn. d symptoms yg doc tu cek ati: sore throat, very high fever, terrible headache, body aching, flu of course, cough.once die mula demam suh die cpt2 jmp doc tau. hrp2 okla... ati nk g sekolah nex week. aiyoyo...

take care too..

Cikgu Puaka said...

demam sbb ad org ckp nk masuk minang la tu.chis

mussita said...

get well soon. =) drink lots of warm water. it really helps!

Mata penaku Habis dakwat said...

k mar: haha blh tak k mar ni... hihi jgn jeles k mar

mussita: thnx babe. im ok dy now. so grateful nothing serious. tc too mus